web-based reporting &
analytics application

  • Clear accessible sales overviews

    The dashboard lets you have a quick view on your recent OTTO activity and latest generated statistics snapshots

  • Quick Catalogue update and Syncs

    You can either synch your catalogue with your digital supplier, upload your catalogue metadata or send it to us

  • Clear sales data summaries at album and track level

    The Product and track view shows the most important revenue-related data and graphs across a given period of time.

  • Match sales file errors with your catalogue

    OTTO will help you identify the multiple catalogue entries by suggesting the closest match. You can accept or skip it for later

  • Automatic Sales Template recognition.You upload, we ingest

    Simply upload a single sales file or a batch of files and come back later to see the processing status.

  • Take the tour

    OTTO is

    • A quick and simple online tool for uploading, validating and managing sales files
    • A reporting and analytics tool to monitor sales of your catalogue
    • A versatile catalogue data processing management tool
    • Scalable and adaptable to specific needs (number of lines processing, queries output, etc)
    • A flexible and scalable fixed fee pricing model
    • An international, dedicated and responsive support team
    • A tailor-made solution with easy customisation for specific requirements and cases

    OTTO can

    • Ingest Digital (download and stream) and Physical sales reports in various formats
    • Automatically recognise and process sales template files from Digital retailers
    • Integrate new sales formats and templates in days
    • Ingest your catalogue data within hours in both the OTTO template and other supplier's template
    • Synch with CI’s API (for automatic ingestion and updates)
    • Retrieve automatically your iTunes financial data from the backend
    • Automatically synchs with your Dropbox account for batch uploads
    • Integrate with royalty accounting software output templates
    • Validate against your catalogue and suggest matches unmatched sales
    • Produce homogenized management sales reports and label statements
    • Export reports in csv, html and customizable xls templates
    • Provide clear reporting and analytics for internal management
    • Offer sub-accounts accounts for labels in customised form

    OTTO is for

    • Independent Record Labels
    • Aggregators / Distributors
    • Record Label Groups

    Some of the DSP templates we support

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