About us & Team

As many web applications, OTTO was born out of the need to find a solution to a problem: simplifying internal operational processes. Back in 2010, Diogenes Music - a sister company and aggregator of experimental music representing 60 labels across 10 countries - was reviewing its process and internal costs (compared to lack of revenues). We had to keep a certain level of account management and good attention yet without investing in human resources. We already used the most efficient media platform as a supply chain / delivery solution (CI in London) and a ticketing system to manage communication but we didn't have a SIMPLE way to generate reports for our labels showing them how much they had to pay their artists and some basic statistics.

With time, it was becoming a recurrent issue that independent labels or distributors were struggling to find a straightforward, web-based solution for dealing with many sales reports from their various partners and for viewing some statistics and graphs. Everything available was just more than what they actually needed.

So this was why we decided to push OTTO forward: to offer an alternative way of processing sales files in the most simplified, user friendly, fast and focused way. Because, let's face it, sales ingestion, catalogue matching and reporting is not the most entertaining part of the business. OTTO wants to make it less painful and have your team work less on processing and more on strategy. We hope it will achieve this - it has for us.

Eric Namour

Co-Founder, Project Manager, Business Development
Eric runs the company along with the strategic business and development / implementation plan, putting the pieces together in conjunction with the international team. With 10 years experience in media platform and supply chain management, he likes to focus on operational efficiency, workflow and business processes. He has worked closely with a few companies such as Virtual Label, CAM Jazz, Altafonte, Naive, Multimusic and currently Merlin network. ci-info.com | urawazastudio.com | diogenesmusic.com

Cinxgler Mariaca Minda

Born 1978, in Bogotá, Colombia. Living in Bogotá. About 10 years in PHP development. In charge of web development.

Danae Silva

Operations & Support

Dave Driesmans

Product Design
For Otto, Dave worked on the information architecture, product design, and front-end design. He is a user interface designer not afraid of strategy discussions or digging into code. Before working again in the web world he founded the music organisation Kraak that focused on left field music. Lives and works in Belgium. He works closely with Eric Namour on the direction of Otto. therearenoshortcutsinagridsystem.com | urawazastudio.com |