What’s the difference between a statement and a report?

Statements are used for accountancy. They provide a monthly overview for labels and include the necessary overviews to pay the artists. It’s compiled by using the fresh uploaded sales reports. So sales reports from january and february uploaded in may will only be visibile in the may statement. This means numbers are locked when the month is over. The only numbers that can change when you regenerate statements are the unclear (unmatched) sales lines. If you cleared out unmatched lines and regenerate they will show the details. The totals will stay the same.

They contain:

  • Total sales per type (track sales, album sales, streaming)
  • Total sales per DMS
  • Total sales per territory
  • Track Sales grouped by Artist
  • Track Sales grouped by Track (not implemented yet)
  • Streamings Sales grouped by Artist
  • Streamings Sales grouped by Track (not implemented yet)
  • Album Sales grouped by Artist
  • Album Sales grouped by Album

Statements are monthly and the settings can’t be changed (for now).

Reports are mainly for marketing and management. Reports are generated using the date of sale (so not the upload date) and make a report in a time table per label for the date range you choose. What information it exactly shows depends on the report you have choose.

Now available are:

  • Total sales by artist
  • Total sales by album & track
  • Total sales by DMS