• recent activity list
  • sales figures overview from last 3 months
  • top 5 and worst 5 sellers
  • sales percentage share graphic
  • quick links: catalogue update and sales file upload
  • feedback form

Catalogue browsing by releases or tracks

  • searchable catalogue tool which includes sales data
  • search by track or album
  • per music service and quarter: number of units sold
  • per track: total units downloaded and streamed
  • iTunes trends summary

Sync products via api

  • upload full catalogue or add in new products
  • currently integrated with ci api (other integrations in development)

Sales Overview

  • summary of past 3 quarters
  • upload, processing and imported tabs

Sale File View

  • sales file summary and individual sales line view
  • catalogue matching finds errors, click pen tool to match items

Edit Row Sales matching

  • Suggested matches for error or catalogue search

Individual sale line & permanent fix sales matching

  • Individual sale line
  • Match recurring errors once and never again

Reports & Statements

  • Archive of generated statements
  • Can be deleted, re-generated and downloaded